Credits Edit

Chris Carbery - Chris Carbery

Zander - Zander jk Chris Carbery

Written By - Chris Carbery and Zander jk just Chris

Lyrics Edit

Chris Carbery:

And I thought my dad has mental illness

I just don't understand why I'm against an ripoff of Marble Hornets

You may be in ERBParodies, but i am awesome

You're so good at video editing but you are not always handsome

I have a family, and I even have a soul

So, take this tnt and shove it up your shovel

Even my sister just can't get her head outta her butt.

It's your turn, so go ahead and good luck!


I'm WOODENHORNETS,, and i make crazy videos

You need to just quit your channel and find a real job when you're older, you know.

You may be awesome, BUT MY VIDEOS ARE IN HD

Take that stupid glasses off and have some Arizona tea.

You dont have an editor, well mine is Final Cut Pro

This is the end you half-retarded Californian hoe!

You may know me, but I don't need to SUBSCRIBE, dipshit!

Just one more thing for you, kiss my CLIT!!!!!!

Chris Carbery*spoken*:

Alright, you know what? Stop it! I'm done! I quit!

I just quit! I'm not doing any more battles again.

I'm not. I can't do this anymore. I just can't.

I'm just not always great. I'm not.

I'm outta here right now! I'm not doing this again! *leaves*

(Kenneth comes in)

(B*tch-Slaps zander)

Zander (speaking): What the hell man?

Kenneth (speaking): What are you doing? Go back to ERBparodies.

Zander (speaking): Okay, I guess.

Chris (speaking): Gap?

Kenneth (speaking): And you Chris, you don't need to quit the series, you're gonna make a Season 3,

better and stronger, I know you can do it.

Chris (speaking): So a third Season, huh?

Kenneth (Speaking): Yes Chris, a third season. I'm leaving now, I have my own ERB to work on.