Credits Edit

Weegee - Chris Carbery

Tails Doll - Chris Carbery

Written By - Sableye

Lyrics Edit

Tails Doll:

Can You Feel The Sunshine? Prepare for some Voodoo!

You kill with your stare? Well, I'm still standing, fool!

Do you want to play? Play with me...

I need love and affection, or else I'll become the next Chucky!

You're from the Underworld? Good! Cuz you're going back to Hell!

What's next? You're going to send a Weegee Clone through mail!?

You're based off a pesky plumber, and one that sucks!

With his Poltergust 3000, but I couldn't give two fucks!


Obey me! Destroy Mario!

You're stuffed. Ever thought of cardio?

Weege Stare, bitch, now you're under my control!

You're every pain I've ever felt!? WhaT BULL!

I'll turn you and all your dolly friends into Weegee clones!

The only thing ghostly about you is when Sonic makes you moan!

You're just a party toy for some whore like Trixie Tang!

Is a Webkinz the only thing you managed to bang!

Tails Doll:

I won't obey you, but I will destroy Mario!

Bowser would probably give me more treasure than Wario!!!

Too late Weegee, prepare to be cursed by my evil power!

In 2 seconds flats, I'll kill you, and Malleo, your brother!

Don't accuse me of such things, I see what you do!

You're the only fapper. as a plumber, how much time do you spend in the bathroom?

Try unclogging your mouth, cuz it's full of so much bull shit!

Your brother's balls are the only dolls you've played with!


Oh, Hell no! You're not starting this crap.

Only thing creepier than you, is thinking you can rap!

You're the next Chucky? More like Chuck E. Cheeses!

I mean seriously! You're Eggman's plaything! Jesus!

Where's my bro, Malleo? I guess I'm doing things myself.

It won't take long before you're torn into pieces, and tossed off your shelf!

So, Tails Doll, you're about to get played.

With so many killed viewers, you must have time to masturbate!