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written by Chris Carbery

beat produced by Chaoscontrol Luigi, F117 Records, Troy Marvel, MrSmoothBeatz, Austin Forney, PjCOfficial, Allrounda Productions, Dizzla D Beatz, & Dj FhyQ

Chris Carbery as Zim, Keroro, Crypto, Stitch, Wall-E, Marvin, Oh, ET, Fugitoid, & The Doctors(10th, 11th, & 12th)

Kelcey Carbery(Chris' sister) as Samus











The Crypto is back, so listen up closely, yo

It's time for me to take revenge from Moleman's last battle

Also, what's with that frog man? He's so misguided

Since he's started going apeshit over some "Pekoponians"

You have pigs of doom, Zim? I defeated many robo-squids

Destroying all humans, and those lame excuses of aliens

I'll serve your rhymes like tuna, like my name was Poop Dog

And maybe blast the froggy like that bitchin' Tamama


Hey, easy now, bro! No time to play games!

The Sgt. Frog on the go, and he's gonna give ya pain

Are you drunk, Crypto? Someone's been drinking root beer

I got the brains of Kululu, betcha know who I am in here

Spitting disses like tacos the way GIR loved them so

Singing Doom-d-d-doom all the way home

I'll burn ya both to cow flesh and get serious like Gaz

Anime may not be the best, but it's just where it's at


I AM ZIM!! I'll diss ya in the name of my Tallest

Screw your meteor storm, Crypto, I've made sandwiches!

My show may be cancelled, but I had a movie coming soon

So don't talk about my splooch, unless it's something ya knew

Of all the trouble you've caused, I can't believe what happened

Beaten Earthworm Jim to say the least, so can it

I had enough for the both of you, you're outta luck

Becuase I've caused more damage then Stitch would ever done


Oh, now you wanna talk about me? Well, then fucking bring it!

The 626 MC is here on the mic, and for the first time, believe it!

I was made to be the beast, and yet I was tamed by the beauty

It won't watter if Zim had to compare himself around me!

Be sure to say Aloha to my dadda, Jumba

It's Disney vs Nick, Amime, & SOME MUCK

You're all worse than the Leroy clones my cousins had defeated

Zim dosen't even deserve to invade more than any robotic bitch!


Whoa!* Were you talking about EVE or something? Don'tcha do that!

I mean, it's not like you should really be destroyed so bad

I was the one who saved the whole planet, just so you know

It's about time that I bring the pain on these assholes!

I'm the robotic helper that you would ever heard of

You're all just circus freaks who deserved to get fucked

I think the only reason why you're all truly idiotic

is the fact why you can't even beat any last Martian

Marvin the Martian:

spoken: You made me so angry!*

I can't believe you just had to go there like a piece of scrap metal

I had enough of this shit that sounded like Duck Dodgers on patrol 

I shall eat them rhymes like them Instant Martians, yes

If you think that you'll beat me, you're as crazy as Taz

Somehow, I thought of plotting to destroy those pathetic Earthlings

But I might have Mr Frog kicked out like Giroro, isn't that lovely?

KABOOM! It's over, I'm an Martian, boom shaka laka

Soon, Zim's fans would be like "Oh Where Has My Invader Gone?"

Oh(from DreamWorks' Home ~2015~):

I do not care, so put you hands in the air

'Cause you're truly like the K-9, a flea-infested nightmare

How long before you all had to end it anyway?

I mean, you're all making me sick, that's what I'll say

You all had never compared to the entire Boov race

Because for Lilo, Stitch, Miss Tucci was my mate

I'm Almost Home, and you'll feel my wrath

Because people had to forget you bitches again


ET Phone Home calling your asses to get out

In the name of Elliott, I'll have to do it now

Your flows are as shitty as my Atari game, see?

So stop with your raps and listen to the symphony

Ouch. Feel the burn from this beat that've changed

When it comes for invaders, you've made a loose chain

Something wrong, Wall-E? Or is it just you pet roach?

I'll not be right here, since you're all pathetic weirdos


spoken: Weirdos? (laughing; KeroKeroKero) No way, you're a weirdo!*


spoken: NO, YOU'RE A WEIRDO!!*


spoken: What is going on?!

Oh wait, here comes something... or someone.


Samus(Metroid Series):

Who ya calling weirdo? Are you obviously THAT moronic?

Because I wanna beat you harder than Mega Man killed it

Like Mother Brain and Ridley, you shall be defeated

I would rather diss the rest of you, but you're so pathetic

Rivaling Peach and Zelda, I'd even beated Lucas and Ness

Stay close with my Zero Suit, it's gonna be a total mess

By the time this is done with, you would be on the Norfair

Because I've traveled through space from any other professor


Were you talking about me? Well, it won't matter anymore *beep*

So greetings from the Fugitoid, the goodest HAL 9000 ever *boop*

I wouldn't possibly understand why Stitch's origin went badly

Ever since he wasn't fully charged when the police came in mentally

Your rhymes are prehistorical like every last Triceraton

Hope Samus wouldn't escape from the destruction of her planet

Now that my verse is at an end, I'll change my oil and wouldn't see you soon

And another thing, I'm a professor, not a doctor, thank you *boop beep*

TARDIS sound*

Doctor WHO:

10th Doctor:

spoken: Allons-y!*

The Doctor is finally in, and he's back once again

To bring all those invaders and robots each ounce of pain

I'll make like a Dalek and exterminate these creeps

Then zap them with my screwdriver, if you know what I mean

WHILE REGENERATING: Whoa, wait a minute, I don't even want to go

But I guess I still have more flows before I regenerate my soul

So I don't need my tie anymore, just so you have to know

So my last word I'll have to say is... GEROMINO!!!!*

11th Doctor:

Unlike apples, however, you bitches are definitely rubbish

Dissing Stitch into stitches so that I'll get this over with

It's the Day of the Doctor, not what I've except, but hey

It won't matter now, because... we all change.

quickly regenerates to 12th Doctor*

12th Doctor:

Didn't like the colors of my kidneys, but you must take a Deep Breath

Because unlike the Weeping Angels, you're all self-possesed

So toodle-o from the Queen of England, better LISTEN

My time is up for me to keep rhyming, and so I've completed my disses

TARDIS door closes*

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