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written by Chris Carbery

Chris Carbery as Mr. Game and Watch, Steve, Emmet, & Duck Hunt

poster made by KennethH5

beat produced by KNiCE








This is it, Game and Watch, it is now my turn to shine!

This ain't Blue's Clues, just the flow within my rhymes

Enough with your numbers and your bell ringing, so just stop

Best pocket power? Well, it won't be when you're fucked!

I'll blow you up like a Creeper, 'till you're walking like a Zombie

You'll end up in the Nether, and I won't give you recovery!

Hell, even the Enderdragon had to bring more than two Freddy's

You use button cell batteries? HA! I was in the Xbox 360!

Mr. Game & Watch:

Coming from the Smash series, it's the guy with the Hemlet

Against this sorry noob with no reason to help Master Hand

You're the piggy with the horsey, I'm the 3Ds with no Xbox

I was even made by Yokoi instead of being created by Notch

Hope you would be in The End with all the Wither skeletons

So, listen up, Herobrine, you're almost like the Endermen

I'll throw away like the Iron Golem that shows up in villages

Or maybe I'll just call Pac-Man to take you down like Duck Hunt


Step One: Grab the mic. Step Two: Diss Mr. Game & Watch!

Step Three: Have sex with Wyldstyle after my verse is DONE

In rage like the pissed Unikitty, I'll Wing it like the Batman

Don't mess with the Special, I won't consider you as a friend

Floating like an spaceship made from Benny, THAT'S RIGHT!

Making like Lord/President Business and leave you Kragleized!

You'll be just like John Cool, I'll beat you for the first time, bro!

Where Are My Pants? Oh, wait! They're right over your bun-hole!

Duck Hunt:

Dog: Duck Hunt takes aim once again and back for more, so just hush

Duck: We couldn't understand how Emmet wasn't supposed to get lost

Dog: We "hurtbox" you, especially within your double-decker couch

Duck: Looks like he hasn't fell to the Abyss of Nothingness by now

Dog: We'll Zapper you like the NES, even with our Smash ATTACK!

Duck: Destroy you like Cloud Cuckoo Land, and you'll never come back

Both: For Game and Watch, we put this blockhead into bad luck

Super Smash Announcer: GAME!  The winners are Mr. Game & Watch and Duck Hunt




EPIC RAP ♪Everything is Awesome♪ BATTLES OF HISTORY!

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