written by KennethH5 and Chris Carbery

Chris Carbery as Little Miss Scary and Vendetta

beat produced by Jionnemack







Little Miss Scary: 

Hello, stupid green girl, prepare to play dead 

Little Miss Scary is coming at you, because of your BREATH! 

I'm better than the other mean people on Cartoon Network 

You have a spoon to make fiends, but your still a jerk! 

I'm going to SCARE you with my Scary-in-a-box, dipshit 

You have nothing to compare to my snake charming kit 

Like Jeff the Killer said, you chased little kids in town! 

I'm the best scariest person EVER, but you chase people around!   


Scary-in-a-box? Please. I don't believe this. 

You're more annoying then that stupid girl, Charlotte 

My show ended before you because everyone liked my acting! 

See my flash episodes, but who cares if you aren't singing! 

Want to see a good trick? I FLEW YOU ALL AWAY TO HELL! 

You want to play rough, WELL YOU CAN'T RING THE  BELL! 

When this is over, you will get trapped into a haunted house! 

Let me ask you a question, ARE YOU SCARED OF A MOUSE?   

Little Miss Scary: 

NO, but I was loved by people who sees me in "The Mr Men Show" 

I'll set you in flames, then I will put you inside of a wood 

You will get a splinter, then the blood will be in your finger 

After that, I will call 911 to see if you are the KILLER 

If you would lived upon the moon, I'll bring out the space goo at you, 

then, put you in my terrifying train set so your nightmares come true 

Then, I shrink you like your parents, microscopic! HAHAHA 

One more thing, if it isn't scary, it isn't FUN   


HA, you got to be kidding me on how am I the killer, that's lame 

Nobody wants to watch your show, but at least you got the fame 

I am just kidding, I got all the fame than yours MISS HAIRY 

Jeff the Killer is more creepier then you LITTLE MISS SCARY! 

You're lucky my hamster won't be here, instead, I might... 

use a puppy that'll shrink you to size and eat you alive! 

This is it now, you annoying red retard 

Go back to Dillydale, and stay away from Clamburg!!   




EPIC RAP! BATTLES! OF! *scream* HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

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