Chris Carbery as Frosty & Jack Skellington

beat produced by Jace D. BeatsTV

written by Chris Carbery


Happy birthday, Mr. Jack! Are you new here?

You may be the Pumpkin King, but I'm the son of Winter

I almost feel sorry for you of how you replaced Santa

It turns out you're depressed over some of Oogie's bugs

It's another legend of me, what else would you know?

You don't even deserve to just put on a whole show

When it comes to making children happy, they're right they call me jolly

What's wrong now, why can't you even listen to Sally?


What's This? What's This? An magical snowman?

Dude, there are reasons why you should be call Mr. Snow-fag

I've grown so tired of your rhymes, they're the same old thing

You can't even compare to the Pumpkin King of Halloween

I don't need the Soul Robber to take down this idiotic dreadful freak

Call me the Frost, because I'm spitting cold rhymes eventually

They say you'll be back again someday, but not this time, bitch!

I can see your hat is magical because it was stolen from the Magician


Not this time? That's not a nice thing you had to say

Your movie's a whole lot more bony then your name

Don't need help from Crystal to let you lose to this

They may call you King, but you're more like a racist


Oh please! Don't even bother going up with your idea

They call you happy, even Patrick Star had to play ya

Feel the burn rising from you, you're now melting here

And know, you're completely nothing but a puddle of water

(spoken* Wait a minute... he really is melting...

well shit)

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