written by Chris Carbery

beats produced by FrameBeats, DRealCell, Jimmy Spector,

BG The Iceberg, marioking983, Raisi K, JakeWilliamsTV,

Gambeat808, FrameBeats, texasmadecruz,

UnderGroundBeats, & Jeremy Crews

Chris Carbery as Hash-Slinging Slasher, Jeff the Killer, Squidward's Suicide,

SlenderMan, Chucky, Tails Doll, Freddy Fazbear,

Courage the Cowardly Dog Lost Episode, Skin Taker, Eyeless Jack,

Happy Appy, Tony the Talking Clock,

Torture (Phineas and Ferb CREEPYPASTA) & MissingNo

KennethH5 as Creepybloom & Paige the Notebook







Jeff the Killer:

Go to sleep... your afterlife's about to end

I'll slice your ass harder than you cut off your own hand

Whatcha gonna do, flick the lights on and off in here?

Then, ring the phone so that I didn't know you're there?

You're just some stupid ghost story from Nick, you goddamn sissy

You got hit by a bus, while I killed Jane and my family

If I can win against Hannibal, then I can win against you too!

With the vodka and bleach, I'll spit some flames on you!

Hash-Slinging Slasher:

You are not supposed to be doing that

Do you even sling? Because you're about to come in last

With your emo black hair and your creepy smile, you just look like crap

I'll diss you harder than I won against Pinkamena

No way you can turn this fish into sushi, you better trust me

I'm Bikini Bottom's worst nightmare, that's why I can be scary

You better prepare yourself, kid, for the hunchbacked Nosferatu

I see Squidward's Suicide scarier than you

Squidward's Suicide:

I can't take it anymore! You're both barnacle heads!

This battle is more like Ash's Coma, because maybe I'm in my bed

Get out of my Easter Island head! (DO IT!)

I comitted suicide because I can't take both of your shit!

The reason why I blew a symphony is because of my clarinet

I went out like Kurt Cobain, my life ended very bad

Just like at a bus stop, you both will be run over

Leave me alone, my life has become a nightmare

Slender Man:

Hello there, children. Go ahead then, come into my forest

You'd better explore now and look for my eight pages

Let's see what you guys can do against Hoody, Masky, and Ticci Toby

I had tentacles for many reasons, so don't even touch me

Hashy, really? Chopped off your own hand? You must be suicidal!

Jeff the Killer and Squidward's Suicide had just already gone to hell

Behind the trees like Herobirne, and yet I had enough with your shit!

So you better be prepared, I'M ABOUT TO MAKE YOUR SCREENS STATIC!!


Hey, kids, I'm Chucky. I wanna play a game!

You're all absolutely lame, now prepare to pay!

Hashy, go back getting hit by a bus, you ballsack

Jeff, Chucky says, stay still and let me slice your ass!

Who the hell is Slendy? He's more like an faceless Michael Jackson

Except that he's tall and bald like Squidward's Suicide, and some Slender dick

Don't even fuck with the Chuck! I'll end this once and for all!

The ripoff of me that I ever heard is the Tails Doll

Tails Doll:

Hi, fellow victims. Can you feel the sunshine?

Everyone fears my curse, top that, Chucky, you childish Hyde!

Just with me and Sonic.EXE, you'll be in SONIC FEAR

Here's the rest for Hashy, Jeff, Squidward's Suicide, and Slender

I'll kill you four like I did to Noah and Gill who brought me from EB Games

Not even all of you won't stop remembering my name

When you play Sonic R, I assure you'll never escape from your own shit

You might just call me Freddy, because my rhymes are pure golden

Freddy Fazbear:

It's me, Freddy. Come in to my pizzeria

Follow me now, along with Bonnie, Foxxy, and Chica

Wanna go on a night shift? You only have five nights for that

And just like Slender, I happened to make Mark and PewDie shit their pants

I'm even getting a sequel this year - something borrowed, something new

I wanna fit you all in costumes, nothing can unmask you

Seems that you almost waste all of the power

Camera 1, 2, & 3, you're in for some true horror

You'll be stuck in this little zone like the Bite of '87

2 more nights left, therefore, the 6th and the 7th

Chica says, "LET'S EAT!" I found myself some fresh meat

Hey there, kiddies, WANNA SEE A DEAD BODY?!?!

Courage the Cowardly Dog Lost Episode:

The things I do for love... I shouldn't let Muriel burn

Guess I had no choice, but to admit my despair

Why should I've been called "stupid dog" all of the time?

Don't do this to me... I WANT YOU TO FUCKING DIE!

What should I even do, I can't believe this becuase of you!!

Someone's dead, that's me? NO! It cannot be true

This is all a nightmare that I'm in, it's so scary!

I can't even stand the Pirate Cove of candles! (HELP ME!!)

Skin Taker:

Sail through the seven seas, and light up the candle

Go inside now, I want you all to be in my studio

There's no way you can scare this skeleton, Freddy

So let's see what Foxxy can do against Pirate Percy

Like Horace's lost treasure, you'll never be seen again

You're all a bunch of undead landlubbers, man

I'll skin your whole family, the skin I'll take

Call this the Luna Game, because the end is neigh


I know you think you're going to win, lemme asure you, you're not

Come look up at Equestria Daily, so that I can break through the desktop

Don't even call me a "blank flank"! I shall bring up Zalgo Pie

I'll leave y'all like Pinkamena and make y'all go "But... but why?"

The Luna Game end is neigh, so prepare to get played

So how about you get all Pinkie Keen, and make some Cupcakes?

I don't need help from the Creepy Crusaders

Because when this is over, y'all will know true terror

Eyeless Jack:

Just like I'm always saying, It's Eyeless Jack here

I had no eyes, but I can still see. YOU BETTER BE SCARED!

Sneaking into rooms, hungry for nuts and kidneys

I'll diss your asses hard like I did to Sally

You all think you're the best? Hell, I'll prove you wrong

The truth is that you're all just completely fucked up

It'll be just like my buddy, Mitch, I'll make you all my death slaves

None of you know Jack, so prepare to be in chains

Happy Appy:

Hey, kids, it's Happy Appy time, now prepare to die!

After an dubbed over Blue's Clues, I'll give you suicide

♫ Happy Appy Appy App, HE KILLS KIDS ALL DAY 

I've been banned from Nick Jr, and you'll meet your dismay

None of you stands a chance against this clay apple on a stick

See you all next time in the afterlife hall, ya dicks

I had fun with all of you, hope you enjoy my sweet shit

And don't forget, that's natural, children

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:

Paige the Notebook:

What's your favorite idea? Mine is having your asses beaten creatively!

I even use my hair to express myself, know what I mean?

Listen to your dead hearts, the rain,

and the voices in your brains

Bring DEATH to that fruity boob,

and squeeze him into juice!

Tony the Talking Clock:

It's time to go on a journey unlike Hypno's Lullaby, ya Crappypasta phonies

When I go MEH MEH, that'll make all your ears bleed

Don't be stupid, friends. I'm sure you will be fine

But eventually, everyone runs out of time

Torture (Phineas and Ferb CREEPYPASTA):

Agent P is back, baby! And I'm back for good!

Wait a minute, was my cover blown? Oh, God, I'm sued!

No, he killed me! I'm dead. I'm suffering eternal sleep


I can't stand it, I'll kill him! My afterlife is revealed

The Revenge of Perry will kill you, so go ahead and squeal

I'm in some rag, and yet, you're all a bunch of assholes

My rhymes are glitching, CALL ME THE FUCKING NEXT MISSINGNO!!!!!!


MissingNo is back, just to show you a true fright

You'll all be suicidal over MY glitchy rhymes

Torture? An Phineas and Ferb creepypasta?

You're just some fan-made crap from the fucking WattPad

There's nothing scary about a clock and a notebook

Plus, Appy can get his fruity ass back to the Candle Cove

You'll never find Muriel, Jack is crap, including Freddy Faz-queer

Because he's more like an animatronic Yogi Bear

Tails Doll and Chucky, you should know that no one's afraid of dolls

Creepybloom? More like Creepy-prune! You're more like a lost soul

Slender? More like Tender, because of your van and shit

Squidward's Suicide, your shot is wrecking, so no one gives you a tip

Hashy and Jeff, just go to hell, and rot for your families

I'll leave you all like BuriedAlive, feeling very lonely

I'm catching your souls like BRVR, and leaving you to tears

You can call me Misfortune.GB, becuase I AM GOD HERE!!







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