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written by Chris Carbery

Chris Carbery as Escargoon's Distress, Trouble in Dreamland, Abandoned by Disney, Polybius, BRVR, Evil Otto, Rainbow Factory, & Sweet Apple Massacre(cameo)

poster made by Aaron Peters

beats produced by YourRapBeatsTV, ?, ?, DJ Blazy, StylezT10, & ?







Escargoon's Distress:

You will pay, you feathered monster, for what you've got me on

Why would you hurt me so bad? What have you've fucking done?!

Soon, you'll end up like me, flying across the halls and stairs 

And this time, YOUR injuries shall be brusing, and a dislocated arm

I don't wanna lose from the likes of you! Never! Not even at all!

You left me no choice but to kill you, so you had better fall

I am your master now, and you shall be my slave forever!

Because my death sentence will always be the fault of yours

Trouble in Dreamland:

You shouldn't bump into me, it's my turn to start yelling

I didn't know you were pissed at me, but now I shall take vengeance

You're now under my raps, like that evil glow inside your eyes

But what's inside Meta Knight's sword is the bloody flow of my rhymes

Something is Amiss, I don't know why you missed your mommy

Looks like I wouldn't be sure how you put yourself in eternal insanity

Don't turn your back just yet for it's me you shall expect as well

Oh MaiMai, I'll just live inside your head, and torture your shell

Escargoon's Distress:

No... no... don't do it... I won't let you!

Get out, if you must, and stop with this horrible abuse

You only wanted me to die, but now I'd fucking had it!

I won't even let you frighten me for another three seconds

This just isn't right, I can't help it anymore...

Must escape this madness just by killing you once more

No time for say goodbye, I won't even say hello

You can't even feel my pain, JUST GO BACK TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble in Dreamland:

Now you've done it so bad! I'll take you with me again

Not so self-possessed, aren't ya? You're so DEDE-DEAD

You're no MoonWarrior, the Autumn of darkness is about to begin

'Cause you’ll be blood-shot in the face, with my rhymes that can twitch

You're in my wings now, and your fear won't be pretty no more

What don'tcha seem to get?! You're not even really a doctor!

You're inside of my shadow, and you're no longer one of us

You deserve to get abandoned by me WHO'S BADDER THAN GOD

Abandoned by Disney:

Hey, Dedede, that's my quote, you demonic feathered mutt

Better run for your afterlife if you don't wanna see my head come off

Would you take a peek at Room Zero? It's madness, ya know

So shut the door dear, you're letting out all of the cold

Handling five nights in here is sure as hard as Freddy's Pizzeria

Donald's ghost is coming out, now you’re in for bad luck

This inverted Mickey MC is coming, Escargoon, better leave

Nowhere left to hide, now your raps belong to me!!


The haunted arcade is back! And what do I see over there?

SuicideMouse's twin with no real reason to suffer?

Go ahead then, try playing this game at your own risk

No escape inside this arcade, your eternal souls you'll give

Even Happy Cow can suck it, but Escargoon's ghost don't scare me

Just so ya know, I'm the Urban Legend to leave you screaming

Sense Delete, Sense Delete! You're doomed forever!

Because you'll be self-aggresive and depressed like BRVR


Why hello, I just heard that you said my name

I know when you're lying, it's you I'm about to hate

Welcome to the Dead Channel, here's what I'll report

It's how those monsters were dissed by BRVR

Help me, kill me, why can't I die?

You must be killed, so don't ask me "WHY?"

You're not alone, you're with me, that's for sure

I don't want you to come back, your rhymes are Bezerk

Evil Otto:

You said the name of my game, hope you really wanna play it

Come on, COME ON! I know you have coins in your pocket

I'm not crazy, just angry. I'd suggest you start leaving

So many heart attacks you won't even survive for eternity

I'm not the Face of Nick Jr, just from within the yellow ball

You hear me calling you? Just look at my death smile

I'm the demonic bouncing ball, hope you're ready to die

My verse is now ending, so SAY GOODBYE!!!!!!

Rainbow Factory:

I think that someone just intrude the Pegasus Device

What random colors you have, I'll absorb them, may I?

It wouldn't matter however, so die along with Scootaloo

Pinkamena wouldn't dare come kill me in front of you

You're all pathetic excuses of Creepypastas, even BRVR

H8_Seed may escaped his soul here, but I always caught yours

I think Mac had someone for you, so best try to stay silent

Sweet Apple Massacre: Now I can forever sit in my peace and quiet


WHO'S NE-- *Scream*

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