Credits Edit

Sonic - Chris Carbery

Usain Bolt - Chris Carbery

Tails - KennethH5 

Written By - AminaShaun

Lyrics Edit

Usain Bolt:

I'm gonna win this round easily just like all my Olympics races, 

I'm just battling with the face of fucked up faces, 

I'm the fastest man alive, you're a fictional creature, 

Everybody loves me while speed is your only noticeable feature, 

Why you so blue? Did my raps freeze you? 

You've gone straight downhill since 2002, 

Because you were big in the 90's. I'll give you that, 

But now you're a cheesy, kiddy, wannabe me, who used to be really fat, 

Nice rings, by the way. Just joking. they're pretty gay. 

I don't even know what i can say but you'll never get 50 of them on display,

I'll beat your ass back to green hill zone, So you can kiss Mario's behind some more, 

it's time for me to rap as fast as I can, I'm the fastest dude ever, you're just a loser, man, 

You're just a nudist and you don't even have a dick!

You turn every situation into something problematic, 

I'll grab your balls and squash them with a piko-piko mallet,

throw them on a pan and make an eggman salad, 

Go away and fuck tails you outdated pricks,

you're a little dick, you can't even do aquatics.


hey wait!.. who are you calling outdated? 

We're as good as we've ever been. we're just under rated, 

Nobody cares about you, you've got no friends,

Now I'll let sonic continue from this and leave you to an end!

Sonic the Hedgehog: 

Thank you Tails although I didn't really need that,

and Bolt? shut your mouth, it's about time to feed that, 

You won a couple of races? That's adorable. 

I run at the speed of sound, your speed's just horrible, 

My sidekick can fly, your sidekick is weed. 

let's take this outside, and I'll show you my speed, 

fuck you man, you look like a sledgedog, 

Don't fuck with me because I am Sonic the Hedgehog,