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Usain Bolt - Chris Carbery

Sonic - Chris Carbery

Lyrics Written By - wonderpikachu12

Lyrics Edit


My name's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog

Compared to me, your running is just a simple jog

I'm a hero and iconic, you winning would be ironic

Your ass is grass, Bolty, don't need to go Super Sonic

The boy from Trelawny is making me yawny

It Doesn't Matter if you try! I'll conquer this battle like I have many

You're in my Shadow, we know your jealous of me

I Spin Dash you in a Flash! You'll drop all your gold bling

Usain, you're insane, and Jamaican me crazy

I'm super sonic racing, and disgracing you is easy

I defeat Eggman every day, you're next on my list

You're In His World, where I've got an ass for you to kiss


I'm the REAL fastest one alive! You're a hack and subliminal

Your whole series rips off others, like Dragon Ball! Not even original

I kick the asses of furfags like you on a day-to-day basis

I'm cracking my knuckles, and I'll put you with the faker in stasis

We all know you're gay! Ask your boyfriend, Miles

My raps strike like a Lightning Bolt, more yellow than Tails

You go Mach 1 fictional? I passed 9.69 realistical

I'm collecting more gold than you will on your zoned-out Green Hills, ya'll


I break both robots and the sound barrier! I'm on the Walk of Game, son

I'm the Genesis of fast-paced action since 1991

I team up in sports with Mario and in bed with Rose

You got burnt by your own Bolt, I'm getting millions of games sold!


I've been conquering races since I was kid! You did it when you were classic

You aren't retro no more, Sonic, so get back to sucking Sega's dick

I'll double double rap your ass to the Space Colony ARK

World Athlete of the Year has more bite than your bark