Credits Edit

Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason - Chris Carbery

Trixie Lulamoon - KennethH5

Written by - Chris Carbery

Lyrics Edit


All hail the great and powerful Trixie! (Not in Canterlot!) 

I'm not even sure if you're classically trained or self-taught, 

but you are expelled from Milkweed by Professor Flan,

and got sent in an real school with two retarded idiots! 

Because you turned him into an rasberry flan, like no other, 

And now you're Hank's former class eraser-er. 

You're the conjurer to the end, so no one's even interested. 

You're just more like the shittiest pre-teen wizard of the planet.


Please tremble, and give it up for Kyle! And scene. 

I'll bitch-slap this so-called "Great and Powerful Trixie" 

You got no sense in apologetic, and the loss of the power 

Trix are for kids, you motherfucking failure! 

What spell takes out another "shoeshine"? 

Only Sigmund was better than you, 'cause you're so asinine 

I'm smart, free-spirited, and sometimes bossy 

But you're so lame you were in a theater, speaking dramatically


In the third person? How about the acid rain? 

I'll put you outside so your cape will burn into decay 

Or better yet, I'll give you Chicken Pox so you'll never lay a egg 

You're Mister Mufflin's bitch, who summons the Fires of Ragnar and takes!


Well, haven't you heard? All your magic is just shit! 

You're not destined to be the greatest equine who has ever lived! 

You better disappear and run, I'm about to end it! 

Call me Twilight Sparkle, because you just don't know the real meaning of magic, bitch!