Credits Edit

Scout - Chris Carbery

Banjo & Kazooie - Chris Carbery

Written By - Dragonsblood23 & Soul Frequency

Lyrics Edit

Banjo The Bear: 

Press Start to be ready for the gaming battle 

I'm sorry but your not qualify for this historical sattle

I came from the guys that brought kids 007 Goldeneye

You only friends are just some Heavy, Pyro, and Spy

Me and Kazooie were the ones that made it to D.C. 

Go back to your Orange Box on your broken P.C. 

15 years I've been doing this It's No Mystery 

When I'm done call the medic for serious injuries 


This is my opponent? This won't even be fair, 

I'm a trained assassin, you're a reject care bear.

You might be able to find jiggys but you'll never find victory,

if you could put the puzzle pieces together you might be able to see 

that you'll lose this battle like you lost your sister. 

I'll get Pyro to give you more than a heat blister 

Back then, maybe your games were considered fine, 

but your games more laggy than mine and they're not even online 

Banjo The Bear: 

I'll throw an Egg Grenade so you'll go Kablooey 

and That Egg will be from my best friend Kazooie 

Kazooie The Bird: 

Thats Right I fire 6 different eggs at you from the mic 

Put on my Gold Feathers and yerrrr out with 1 strike

We got Stop n' Swop but you don't have 100 jiggies

Jump in Humba Wumba's pool it turns you into piggies

Our friend Mumbo Jumbo could just kill you in a pinch

Compare you I would rather fight Gruntilda The witch 


You'd rather fight Gruntilda? She'd beat you to, 

even in your own games she's a better rhymer than you.

No one likes you, just look at Nuts and Bolts, 

even your biggest fans thought that game was an insult 

I guess you're better at insulting your fans than me. 

Now excuse me while I go make Team Fortress 3. 

Before I go Banjo, it's time for a hunt 

I think it's time I introduce you both to my Scattergun.