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Rayman - Chris Carbery

Garfield - Chris Carbery

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What's up, bithces? No one here but Rayman!

Here with twice the pester of your beloved Monday, man.

I don't need no guts for glory, you don't seem to have much choice

So for once Get Real and leave Ubisoft off your obese joy

I'm the mafia of child friendly but equally appealing games

It's a shame that yours' don't share the same names in sales and acclaim

Bring the Hoodlums for a third round; you're no match for me, you pussy!

You're lazy, so why not Charlie Sheen instead of voiced Bill Murray! 


This fat cat is nothing like the ones you see in D.C.

When I'm though with your ass, I'll replace your R with a G, Gayman!

Cloverfield can take down New York, Garfield's got the world right under

He's no French cartoon with four shots, nor will he cause Tonic Troubles! 

No one cares about your origins, assuming they even knew

Tak and Spyro have more game, not that yours was ever even true

The only unforgettable thing about you, god dammit!

Was that you gave the world those spinned off, and fucking better Raving Rabbids!


Learn to love the game's turf for someone so existential 

There's a Garfield minus Garfield? Ha! Now there's a catchy title

Also respect Veteran's more than just squishing spiders, you lazy fuck!

Unless you want Karma to get you with strokes a la lasagna


It's called exploitation, something you obviously teach children

Educational games my foot! You sold out earlier than me

Try to wish your way to fame, as with me, it simply just happened

I'm a cat for God's sake, that's all I do, not rely on gaming fantasy 


Bitch please, I have more fans! You just have comic strip junkiesI

can walk and fight and do stuff, more than you can act so lazy


That's the beauty of my sole job, I don't have to lift a finger

Do I even need to move my mouth or can I think it? Well, meh, figures


I've done more than you could fathom! What do you have that I can't have? 


Um, for starters, two TV shows, and clothing as far as hat brands


You're a cat,I baffle minds!


I don't know, at least you try 


But your'e a cat! 


How are you not? 

(beat ends) 


...*spoken* I'm not sure 


spoken* Yeah, just as I thought.