Ccarbe, since you are the founder of this wiki, feel free to delete this page eventually, but this is ust my calm imput on the situation undergoing on the ERB Wiki and on this wiki.

If you guys are unaware of the events occurring, a user named Ccarbe6062 has been infamous lately for making rap battles stolen from the ERB Wiki and claiming him as his own. That's right: plagiarism.

So, now, our most leaderly of chat moderators have vandalized this wiki of his in return. I think that action is completely immature and irresponsible on their part, but I can get why they did it out of frustration.

I think we all need to calm down for a minute. I think what we're doing is incredibly childish and unleaderly-like, and we shouldn't get revenge this way. We should just give the guy a stern warning, and if he doesn't accept it, then action can be taken.

For Ccarbes, you should not plagiarize from our users. We work hard on battles and you are just as childish as us if you want to steal battles from our users.

That is all. Hope you guys (especially Ccarbes) will listen.


Carbery isn't Plagiarizing, or Stealing, he's making HIS OWN lyrics, and putting them on YouTube, if no one will do it, SOMEONE has to. I mean you're acting childish doing this, adding a page on a Wiki tht isn't yours. If you wanna post a Hate Comment please talk to me. Once again he's taking FREE IDEA'S (they were not actual Rap Battles so he isn't stealing or Plagiarizing) and putting them on YouTube with HIS OWN LYRICS!!! But if you feel this way reply on this page to me --GabeHarrison aqquaintence of Chris and maker of ERBoSaSH--