Credits Edit

Pac-Man - Chris Carbery

Kirby - Chris Carbery

Lyrics Written By - Redbugman

Lyrics Edit


Poyo! Poyo! Who's this pixel mess?

I'll smash you faster than an army of rainbow ghosts, nonetheless!

I'm the savior of Dreamland, spitting unimaginable rhymes!

You've swallowed more yellow balls than every Asian porn star combined...

I'm a super star with an appetite. I'll eat your raps whole!

I'm dropping a Canvas Curse...cause that's how I roll!

I may look so cute and cuddly but I'm Dragoon strong indeed...

I'd rather play Galaga, on your same arcade machine!


A rematch, huh? Who should have known?

You're a pink puff ball of gay, who only likes to suck and blow!

Welcome to Pacman World 2, now prepare to be topped

By this peckish pellet popper who'll waka-waka nonstop!

Why did your big mouth show up here if you don't know how to fight?

I'll dish out spinning tornadoes like my name was Meta Knight.

Might want to cut the calories, buddy. You're getting kinda curvy...

I'll punch the shit outta ya and flatten ya, so you'll forever be Sleep Kirby!

Pacman game starting sound plays

Kirby grabs the mic, swallows it, and turns into Microphone Kirby


I'm dope, bro. Don't cope this war...It's finished!

I'll blast you to eight bits till my hunger's replenished!

I spit flames like Fire Kirby, and Plasma powers give shock!

All you do is run away from homo ghost cock!

Pacman World 2? What happened to that?

Got trashed by reviewers who threw away that crap?

I'll smash your ass harder than Dedede's mallet

Then send you to rehab for your four Power Pellets!

Pacman eats giant berry and grows into Giant Pacman


My powerful Power Pellet gets the job done well

After I send your attentive ass straight to hell!

This is a Pacman Party again! (Pacman Fever!)

I'll make you tighter than the clown shoes crushing your femur!

I'll crush you into crystal shards...beaten down to sixty-fours...

You've swallowed and stolen so many things, they should call you Dream-Whore!

Don't open your mouth just got creamed!

Think you won this round? Ha! In your dreams!