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Kirby - Chris Carbery

Pac-Man - Chris Carbery

Lyrics Written By - rangernumberx

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Pac-Man Just like in history the arcade game is coming first,  Flatten you 'till you're 2D, call it a Canvas Curse! I'm a legend, nineteen eighties, the world was obsessed, Finding out that you're a boy was your biggest success. Ain't no party like a Pac-Man Party, but you're not invited, Whether you make it out of Pop Star? Still to be decided. You're a placeholder got lucky, a piece of crappy puff, They didn't call me Puck-Man because I don't give a f**k!

Kirby Hi, Pac-Pizza, it's Kirby coming Right Back At Ya, This is a Gourmet Race, see who has the strongest jaw. You spat out a load of copies to earn some more buck, I tried to copy your abilities once, but I still sucked! You can turn metal and shrink while I can hammer and spit magic, I'm invading Power Pellet Forest, helping ghosts, and it's tragic, That while mine's thriving, your gaming future's looking grim, 'Cause like all my tomatoes I am running at my Maxim.

Pac-Man My fame's recognised with Mario, not just with him in videos, Waka waka b***h, eat twenty marshmallows like pellets in a row.  You're born two hundred years early, get back in your star cot, Air puffs, slide kicks and horrid breath? Is that all you've got? But now I'm eating a power pellet, leaving the cherries rotten, Just like in the Melee tiers, you've hit the rock bottom!

Kirby Those twenty five years of eating have taken their toll, I'm gonna be setting you on fire so stop, Pac 'n Roll! You seem to be confusing what you are and what you were, Even I get more action in a face to face food transfer. You dress yourself up in drag and you call yourself a Ms,  Aside from the ports, your games never hit, just miss!