Credits Edit

Dexter - Chris Carbery

Jimmy Neutron - Chris Carbery

Written By - Tohokari-Steel

Lyrics Edit

Jimmy Neutron:

Leaping Leptons, what do I see?

A little ginger kid to be beaten by me

Try not to lose your cool this time

By challenging me to this battle of rhyme

But I seriously doubt that you're going to win

You can't even outwit your bimbo sister, your lesser kin

Still don't get it huh? Well, I'll say this in Layman's terms

You're the dumbest kid around, with an IQ of a worm 


Enter at your own peril, you big-headed imbecile!

You cause so many disasters that I'm surprised you are no criminal!

In my laboratory, the impossible may happen except your victory!

All your statements are contradictory!I only have one pain to deal with, but you have three idiots!

And I thought that MY parents were completely oblivious!

By this battle's end, your hair will have another swirl!

For I shall defeat you with my mind, making you scream like a little girl! 

beat changes* 

Jimmy Neutron:

Your experiments and creations are nothing more but jokes

!Is that the reason why you hide them from your own folks?

I may cause disasters but I managed to stop them in the end

With the so-called "idiots" are something you never heard of: friends!

It doesn't take a genius to know that your ego is wide

You maybe short but even Dee-Dee can see your big,arrogant pride

From my robot dog to a time machine that takes you back to the past

My Hyper Cube alone will overwhelm your clunky lab...Brain Blast! 


Your raps are so feeble that you almost seem bored!

Your entire series got replaced by that geek obsessed with Ultra Lord!

MY ego is big? You cloned yourself just for ice cream!

The idea that you shall win only exists in your dreams!

I shall crush your useless allies and put down your mechanical canine!

You wound up in Fairly Oddparents because your own series is asinine!

This is it, the end of your ridiculous story!

Now run along and stay out my laboratory!