Credits Edit

Elmo - Chris Carbery

Barney - Chris Carbery

Written By - B.S.B.

Lyrics Edit

Barney: I'm Barney the dinosaur, and I'll turn you more red You're fucking big bird while all your fans are dead  I'm a kid's best friend, what the fuck are you?  two ping pong ball eyes and a nose like a Jew?  let's sing along this happy rap this is M rated, motherfucker. go take a nap after you get off of Bert and Ernie's lap  I'm a dinosaur, bitch. I just fucking CAPPED 

Elmo: Elmo's got hard disses, I'm about to be layed on  You're gonna need to write a will, here's my crayon  Don't try and step into Elmo's World  Your script sound like its written by High 6 year old girls  Even my goldfish can beat you.  And I'll have Cookie Monster show you defeat, dude.  My show's classic. Your is shit  Elmo's the winner, that"s about it. 

Barney: I'll cut off your Mr.Noodle and deep fry your gold fish!  Go back in the closet, you homosexual bitch!  I can eat you up like cheese and crackers  Even Jeff Dunham knows that Jim Henson was a slacker  I make rainbows and use magic  Your show is gone? Boo. How tragic.  I'll burn all of the puppets and Muppets here around  You live in a fucking dump, you hairy ass clown! 

Elmo: *spoken* My show may be gone, but yours was gone before.  I'm about to tear the head off this fake purple dinosaur.  I Can leave now and still be the winner.  Because tonight, we're having Dinosaur For dinner.