Credits Edit

Earthworm Jim - Chris Carbery

Invader Zim - Chris Carbery

Written By - KennethH5 & Chris Carbery

Lyrics Edit

Invader Zim: Well well well, what do we have here

A fucking little worm who is a queer

You may have been awesome, but my show was the best

Your game was so stupid, you should be in REST

Don't go "psycrow" on me! You just can't even get rid of a cow!

Your puppy's about to beat the shit outta you, if you did something terrible to him! OW!

I AM ZIM, BITCH! Prepare to be doomed by my garden gnomes!

And then, I'll send you to the fucking moose room! (GIR: I LOVE THIS SHOW!)

Earthworm Jim: Hello Invader Zom, you pathetic Irken punk! Get the heck out or you won't have ANY FUN

My game was the best, BECAUSE IT WAS SO CLASSIC

How the hell am I battling a alien who is MAGIC

I had a TV Show before ren and stimpy END

Why am i here oh wait YOUR NOT MY FRIEND

Stupid little alien, you look like a alien jew

While i save friends, THAT ARE BETTER THEN YOU

Invader Zim: What the hell did i just see a fucking worm who saves the world Get out of here because you scream like a little girl

My show was before easter, YOU FUCKING WORM HOLE

Hows life in retirement dude, cause you are about to go on a POLE

Nick might have cancelled my show, but I'm still on Hot Topic AND Deviantart

You stole a suit that was from a giant booger

I'll turn you into gummy worms and make your princess my bitch!

But before that, I'll feed my robot your four brains, and your SEGA GENESIS!

Earthworm Jim: Hey hey hey, lets take it calm and easy This battle is also going to BE GROOVY

So I would rather bring out my laser gun

Like i said in the begining, YOU WON'T HAVE ANY FUN

Your show's cancelled? Mine's cancelled, too!

But my first game is remade in the Xbox, and the Playstation, too!

I'm the real tallest around here, you're an Dib blocking queer

Now I just wanted to say this, prepare to eat dirt!