Credits Edit

Chris Carbery

Drake -

PaRappa -

Lyrics Edit

PaRappa: You're! Done! You'll be defeat after this rap.

They'll Thank Me Later, when I trash this chap.

Ground you harder than Brown did in the bar.

You Started from the Bottom, but didn't go far.

That Money you're receiving? It's too Young.

You get it for a quick flick of your tongue?

I don't need to believe that I can beat you.

It comes natural, and it's what I'm gonna do.

Drake: (on stage) Damn, Nigga. You think you can beat me?

Even my Nigga, Blinded Lil Wayne, can see.

You're a wacked up dog, wanting it from PJ.

Tryin' to get Sunny by rhyme, that's cliché.

The best you have are 3 games, at most.

Beating me? Nigga, you aren't even close.

I bet Chinny Joe can bust a better flame.

Just quit now, you're putting rap to shame.

PaRappa: That was the "Worst I Ever Had" Heard.

I couldn't even understand a single word.

You're just another Replacement Girl.

Now how about giving proper rap a whirl.

Drake: (in interview) I rap on my own, while you need guidance.

"U rappin' Awful!" There goes your chance.

Seriously dude, you should rap by yourself.

You'd earn cash; wait no. You'd have no wealth.