Credits Edit

Chris Brown - Chris Carbery

Charlie Brown - Chris Carbery

Written By - Dragonsblood23

Lyrics Edit

Chris Brown: 

Unlike you I'm a real rapper I got F.A.M.E and Fortune, 

Son of a Barber Why The Fuck did your parents get an abortion. 

I'll abuse Lucy like Rihanna and kick her like a football, 

Yeah 3x the power,to beat this yellow kid thats bald! 

Your dog got more fame, firin up like Donald Trump kid 

Your only friend is a kid who believes in a magical pumpkin. 

Your Peanuts is too small, So let me give you a tip. 

Call me The Red Baron cause I'm gonna shoot this comic strip. 

Charlie Brown: 

Good Grief, what do we have here a rapper that stole my name, 

Think like a man, but you can't stand, and people thought I was lame.

I'm a childhood classic in the paper, television, movies, and many more. 

Your already forgetton, outrapped by Eminem, T-Pain, and Macklemore. 

All you rappers is steal our names hence Snoop Dogg to Snoopy. 

I stomp the yard, pitch the ball, strike you out, and you still call yourself M.C. 

This Chrismas is The Battle of the Year cause I top any of your billboard hits. 

You only abuse women because you can't stand them laughing at the size of your dick. 

Chris Brown: 

Unlike you I actually have a reason to have brown in my last name. 

Not to be Racist or anything about that line, but your still in pain. 

I'll take the little red head girl off cause you will never get laid. 

In fact you should find a job, so you can actually get paid! 

Charlie Brown: 

Man, That Rap is like the adults here talking making no sense. 

I'll finish this battle so you can already call me 50 Cent. 

You'll see nobody at your concerts, they're too busy watching me.

Your music is dead might as well call you MTV.