Christopher Carbery (Owner, Rapper, Singer, Actor, Main Writer and Co-Editor)

KennethH5 (Co-Writer, Co-Editor and Co-Rapper)

Anthony Small (Main Editor)

BroCheck (Co-Writer)

Kelcey Carbery (Co-Rapper, Co-Actor, Co-Singer)

Zaloxitah (Artist and Co-Rapper)

Dani Frias (Co-Editor)


  1. [Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Twilight Sparkle]
  2. [Willy Wonka vs. King Dedede]
  3. [Kirby vs. Pac-Man]
  4. [Usain Bolt vs. Sonic]
  5. [LivingTombstone vs. Vinyl Scratch]
  6. [Rayman vs. Garfield]
  7. [Drake vs. PaRappa the Rapper]


  1. Kirby vs Pac-Man 2
  2. Dr. Doofenshmirtz vs Plankton
  3. Weegee vs Tail's Doll
  4. Elmo vs Barney
  5. Brown vs. Brown
  6. Jimmy Neutron vs Dexter
  7. Scout vs Banjo-Kazooie
  8. Trixie Lulamoon vs Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason
  9. Ben Drowned vs Sonic.EXE
  10. Earthworm Jim vs Invader Zim
  11. Usain Bolt vs Sonic 2
  12. Brentalfloss vs LilDeuceDeuce
  13. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vs Team Chaotix
  14. Shadow the Hedgehog vs Giroro
  15. Chris Carbery vs WoodenHornets (SEASON 2 FINALE)


  1. Shadow the Hedgehog vs Twilight Sparkle 2
  2. Little Miss Scary vs Vendetta
  3. Herbie vs Lightning McQueen
  4. Flik vs Z
  5. Sly Cooper vs Swiper the Fox
  6. Sonic Heroes vs TMNT
  7. Stewie Griffin vs Eric Cartman
  8. Hash-Slinging Slasher vs Jeff the Killer
  9. Fanboy and Chum Chum vs Phineas and Ferb
  10. Pokémon Trainers vs Angry Birds
  11. Willy Wonka vs King Dedede 2
  12. Doraemon vs Oggy
  13. Mr. Game and Watch vs Steve
  14. Escargoon's Distress vs Trouble in Dreamland
  15. Zim vs Keroro vs Crypto (SEASON 3 FINALE)


  1. Shadow vs Twilight 3 (last round)
  2. We Bare Bears vs Minions
  3. PaRappa the Rapper vs Snoopy (an PaRappa sequel)
  4. SwaySway vs Buhdeuce vs Mac & Bloo
  5. Princess Luna vs Queen Elsa
  6. Bill Cipher vs Slappy
  7. Nicktoons Unite vs TMNT (an Ninja Turtle sequel)
  8. Tak And The Power Of Juju vs Tarzan
  9. Jibanyan vs Meowth
  10. Winnie the Pooh vs Little Bear
  11. Wirt & Greg vs Billy & Mandy
  12. Yo-kai Watch vs Undertale (the true SERIES FINALE because Uncle Grandpa vs Pee-wee Herman is cancelled)

Ccarbe6062 Rap Battles (REBOOT) coming soonEdit


  1. Disney vs Nintendo vs Nickelodeon vs SEGA
  2. Doraemon vs Garfield
  3. Chris McLean vs Don
  4. Adventure Time vs Minecraft
  5. Hidabat vs Courage
  6. Annoying Orange vs Cuphead
  7. Tails Doll vs Flowey
  8. Invader Zim vs Megaman
  9. Banjo-Kazooie vs Lilo & Stitch
  10. Jimmy Neutron vs Flint Lockwood
  11. Star Butterfly vs Harry Potter
  12. Earthworm Jim vs Buzz Lightyear
  13. Link & Zelda vs Prohyas & Vambre
  14. Winnie the Pooh vs Kermit the Frog
  15. Pink Panther vs Mr. Peabody (Season 1 Finale)


  1. Phineas & Ferb vs Ratchet & Clank
  2. Lemony Snicket vs R.L. Stine
  3. Pac-Man vs Rayman
  4. Herbie vs Lightning McQueen (REMASTERED)
  5. Bendy & the Ink Machine vs Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  6. Steven Universe vs Wander Over Yonder
  7. Big Hero 6 vs Kung Fu Panda
  8. Kirby vs O.K. K.O.
  9. Mr. Krabs vs Mr. Burns
  10. We Bare Bears vs Ed Edd n Eddy
  11. Gumball Watterson vs Bart Simpson vs Charlie Brown
  12. SammyClassicSonicFan vs The Nostalgia Critic (series finale)

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